Cupboard Love

I need to throw a few updates at this page, however this one couldn’t wait.

In our house we have a spare room, we call it our ‘wee room’.  Wee being a word that the people from Northern Ireland use in front of just about every object or person they are talking about.  Wee, is a term of affection or simply just just a word when no other words will do. (“Do you see that wee man walking down the road?” this does not mean do you see that little man walking down the road, it simply is a less formal way of calling the man a man.)

Anyway our ‘wee room’ as we call it is actually a laundry room as such.  I use it to store bed linen, ironing, spare towels, winter/summer clothing, holiday stuff, surplus food, cleaning supplies and small electrical appliances, DVDs and I loads more. Everything goes into our wee room and its many cupboards and spaces.

The children often make dens in the wee room, especially when the weather is bad.  the other day Sol and Seb decided to set up a boys play area in the room.  Sol has been going through a stage where she pretends to be a boy and plays with boy toys.  This elaborate game lasted for many hours and spilled into the evening.  Sol and Seb made makeshift beds on upturned storage crates with cushions on top to soften them.  This rolled on to a sleep over and the children had no trouble in going to sleep in their new comfortable (not) beds.

We left them to sleep but around midnight I started to have second thoughts about their comfort and safety  and we lifted the sleeping children into their own beds.  It was really funny in the morning when Sol woke up and she had no idea she was actually in her own bed, she was not impressed.

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