What Is It About Birthdays?

What is it about birthdays lately? We don’t seem to have the luck that we need to have a complete birthday without some sort of incident. Last night other half was taking Mag to his club and the car went ‘pop’.  Out of the exhaust billowed thick black smoke and after a few minutes it settled down.  This morning was a different matter, other half left early to go to his secret handshake meeting and I could hear him kangaroo jumping the car down the road.  After a few minutes the car was fine, or so it seemed.  I  had planned on taking the children out for the day, after all it was Mag’s birthday and I at least wanted to do something a little different for him.  However, I waited for the call from other half … it never came.  I had a feeling there was something wrong with the turbo on the car so I eventually tracked him down to explain.  He said that the car was fine, but unconvinced I held on at home for him.  Next thing I knew I got a call explaining he was kangaroo jumping down the road again with black smoke pouring out the back.
Fast forward a couple of hours and the car was at the garage up on the ramp getting checked out. I met other at the repair shop there so he could get home if the car had to stay.  Just as I suspected it was to do with the turbo, lucky for us the pipe had just popped off and was easy enough to fix.  The guy didn’t even charge us which was a huge relief as we just didn’t have spare cash for an unexpected car bill.
We didn’t get our day out to the city in the end but we did go to a local shopping area to do some birthday shopping.  Mag, birthday boy, got a tee shirt, some game cards, a book, and he ordered a pair of boots which should be in his possession on Monday.  He is very happy as he also received a gaming wheel and a stand for his favoured game Gran Turismo.  He is as happy as a pig in muck today.

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  1. Days like that are so frustraing. I'm sitting at the dealer myself today waiting for my car to be fixed. :(Glad Mags was happy in the end with his brithday.Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment today.Dianawww.dianabrandmeyer.com

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