Simon Or Is It Simone?

Today was pretty much run of the mill stuff. We got all the lesson materials laid out for the three little ones so when we returned from our errands we could get stuck in.

We had to run to the pet shop first to get new water bottles for the bunnies. The rabbits have chewed the nozzle on one of the bottles and another one I ruined by washing it in boiling water. In the pet store we had a look at the adoption centre, not the animals for sale but those that are donated for homing for whatever reason. The kids fell in love with a pale brown lop rabbit called Simon. While we were waiting I asked the assistant about Simon and if he were neutered. She said “Oh, sometimes you can tell”, so off we went to look at the poor rabbit’s private parts. It was funny as the assistant jumped up suddenly in a panic, that rabbit is NOT a boy! That was me, I laughed at the pet store, and they got it wrong.  It’s only funny because we made that mistake ourselves a few years ago.  I asked to have a look and sure enough Simon is Simone. So the lop is still in the store but I have a funny feeling we will end up going back for her, she’s cute.

Mag stayed home while we went out for errands, just as well really as I needed to get him birthday cards and a few bits for his 16th this week. 16, did I say 16? There’s no way Mag is 16. I can hardly believe that 16 years ago I was all excited and nervous about the prospect of giving birth to my first child. I was told the placenta wasn’t working so well but he would be just fine if I was induced that week and that they’d keep him in my tummy as long as they could. I had been in hospital for several days and turned out I didn’t actually need my labour induced, Mag decided to make an appearance very early one morning himself taking a few staff by surprise.

I am planning on baking big caramel cup cakes tomorrow for the big day on Thursday. Mag expressed he was a bit grown up for a cake, he wanted something more sophisticated than a fun cake yet he felt the cakes he had seen were a little too ‘old’ for him. He loves my big swirly cup cakes so that’s what he’s getting, hopefully 16 of them each with a candle. I hope they turn out okay and he’s not disappointed. We are planning on going into Belfast for the day to do some birthday shopping and have a little light lunch. I also have a surprise lined up for him, I usually work at nights but I was able to swap my shifts around this week and take the evening off from work. We are going to get Chinese, he loves Chinese food … Ssshhhhhhh don’t tell him if you see him about.

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