Round Up

This last week has been a bit quick for me, I can’t believe so much time has passed so quickly.

 Sol had yet another eye appointment, she got to spend 80 minutes in the presence of a doctor who did every test imaginable on her.  anyway her eyes are not worse, in fact shes only two levels away from being the legal level to be able to drive when she is wearing her glasses so this is positive news.  The centre of her left eye is ow blind but apparently this is ‘okay’ as far as things go.  The centre blindness is a preferable outcome to some of the things that she could have with her conditions.  Anyway, another test in eight weeks then hopefully she will get another opportunity to get in front of the surgeon who first saw her. 

Seb spent several days building and playing with rockets.  We had witnessed the international space station pass over head several nights running and that inspired him enough to make this magnificent creation.

Sol didn’t want me to be lonely when she went to sleep in the neighbours house, so she left me her favourite toy, Lorraine, to cuddle and keep warm.

Toni decided she was going to throw a Hula Party one afternoon and made this paper grass skirt. She forgot about the coconut shell bikini top so decided to keep her clothes on.

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