Anything, But Not Nothing

The round up of a week of weird happenings.  I guess it wasn’t exactly a week that was exciting or even worthy of a blog post, but here goes.

I ended up at the dentist another two times with my bridge.  It came out, then it came out again 12 hours after it was fitted.  Then, another attempt at having it put back in which lasted a few days instead of a few hours my dentist decided that my bridge was distorted or my teeth have moved.  So I get the absolute pleasure of being numbed up this Wednesday for an hour to have new bridge preparation work done.  My previous bridge was a maryland bridge which involved very little prep work, but this time I wont be so lucky and will have to have the neighbouring teeth crowned.

My birthday was a non event. I don’t want to moan about a whole lot, but it was a ‘nothing’ day.  There were no gifts, or cake from my other half. I was so annoyed by it all I didn’t even out my cards up, its as if my birthday didn’t happen. I wasn’t asking for extravagant gifts, just a little token and a cheeky little note would have done.  A cupcake with a candle on it, perhaps, anything but not nothing.

I did treat myself to getting my nails done with a little bit of nail art on my two ring fingers.

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