Kearney Village & St Cooey’s Temple

Well, we had planned on going out for the day to escape the triathlon crowds in the village.  It was also to be a little birthday picnic lunch for me, you know two birds killed with one stone.  The weather yesterday was glorious, the news reported that it was the warmest day this year.  Thinking today would be the same, and there was a distinct blue colour to the sky early this morning we loaded the car to set off.

About half way down to Kearney village a chilly mist drew across the water and by the time we got there the children were shivering.  We were well equipped for paddling in the sea and sitting on the grass eating lunch.  The swim wear and rugs stayed in the car.  We did mange a quick look around despite the cold feel to the air.

Plans of paddling abandoned, we headed on our way down the coast.  We came across a little temple with some holy springs St Cooey’s Wells.   The temple was fascinating to walk around, there must have been many people who have visited over the years either out of curiosity or for spiritual reasons. There were coins pressed into the bark of the trees and ribbons tied to the branches around the holy wells.The children decided to try out the holy water for themselves.

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