It’s the weekend

Saturday afternoon doing laundry is hardly what you call exciting.  With the country gripped in a heat wave you’d think we’d be out on the beach or something like that. Instead other half is trying to fix the rotten, leaky roof on our boiler house before the next rain is due.  As for the next rain, well that could happen anytime as we barely go 48 hours without a shower or two, more often than not it rains every day.   

The last few days have been a real mixed bag.  I’m still reeling over Sol’s surgery cancellation too.  She has an important appointment on the 28th of this month so we will do nothing before that date. However I’ve been checking out the private hospital and discovered one of the ophthalmic surgeons on the list there is the one that originally said he’d operate on her.  It’s funny that, I would bet that if I find a few pounds laying around somewhere and take them to him, he would have her operated on that very week.  Anyway it’s a real possibility right now but I am just taking a few days to think about it all.

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