Hoping For Good Weather

This week is my birthday.  There have been a number of discussions about my birthday supposedly without my knowledge. A well meaning friend wants to plan a surprise party for me and to be frank I could do without it.  I don’t want a party, I’m not up for it, I’m just doing my own thing on the day. I’ve been troubled with depression the last few months I just don’t want a party.  I’m struggling on a day to day basis already and this is causing me a certain amount of anxiety.

Anyway tomorrow our village will be closed off due to the Triathlon so We have decided (if the weather holds) that we are going to go out, away from the crowds, for the day to ‘celebrate’ my birthday.    I’m hoping we can go to Kearney Village, it’s beautiful yet there’s nothing there.  Peaceful, pretty, and perfect for a picnic.  There’s traditional looking cottages, fields and a lovely beach.  So in the morning we will pack the car up with a picnic, the kites, footballs, the kids, whatever else we can think of and heading off to have some fun.

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