What Can Go Wrong Will

I do not like to continually moan, nor do I want this blog to be an outlet for my whinges.  But …
Today merits a moan.

Sol was to have surgery this week on her eyes.  She has poor vision and her eyes have a tendency to drift inwards and upwards.  The poor vision can never be fixed but the eye appearance can, or so I thought until today.   We were at her pre op appointment and they cancelled her op.  Her eye test today showed a deterioration in her vision, and despite all my efforts to get the surgery they just won’t do it.  I asked them to redo their tests today, as I was unhappy with the validity of the first test.  I was right in doing so as the second test showed better results but they still weren’t enough to sway the surgeon.
So we came home very disappointed and frustrated as we’ve been on the list for this operation for 13 months.   Now we are back to square one, Sol needs three eye tests that give the same results before she will be considered for surgery again.  Each test will be two months apart and only then will she get put back on the surgery waiting list.  Meanwhile we keep on patching and praying.

My further moans are of frustration.  I was at the dentist today with my bridge that had come out twice in as many weeks. Dentist visits are not of my list of fun things to do, let me tell you.  Well, less than 12 hours later my bridge is out a again. I am guessing tomorrow morning I’ll be back in the hot seat again with a strange man’s fingers in my mouth.

I am going to go and get into bed before anything else can go wrong today.

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