Babies ….

Well you will never guess what happened in our house. We had two rabbits, and we were told they were boy rabbits. I guess that’s where this whole thing was flawed, anyhow ….

We got another rabbit and he too was a male! Or so we thought, in our defence rabbits are difficult to sex. So we put the three rabbits in together and they lived happily ever after, at least they did for a few weeks.

On the 19th of July we discovered 5 baby rabbits in the top level of the hutch! We were shocked to say the least, it seemed that Zebedee had given birth. We very quickly researched how to sex the rabbits and split off the offending male. The next day the other female Dougal (gotta love the name) gave birth to three more rabbits so we ended up with eight babies in total.

This is one of the babies at one day old.

Here are the babies at three weeks old, it is amazing how quickly those little things have grown.

Fun and games!

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  1. Be prepared for more…. 🙂 They breed so fast.I remember my grand father started with a few in his coffee estate. Within a few months, there were hundreds and it really turned out to be a pest for him. They occupied one whole room in his house. But as kids, we enjoyed it. 😀

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