Deja Vu

Do you ever get the feeling of deja vu? Well I did today ….

Long story short, I had popped out to Homebase to get some paint and wallpaper while leaving Roy at home. Roy was busy stripping in the bedroom while the children were occupied playing in their bedrooms. We got some great bargains at Homebase, but you know those bargains paled into insignificance when we received a phone call on the way home that something bad had happened at home.

We arrived back to this sight to find the trampoline which was at the bottom of the back garden was wedged against the back of the house.

This is the view from inside, you can see how far the trampoline travelled in the wind. It was up against the wall at the bottom of the garden and it knocked over the slide in the process of coming up the garden.

This is the back of our house, it has been an add on and we use it as a TV room. Note the picnic table has lost a leaf and the climbing frame is now up at the back of the house too.

The main frame of the trampoline is more bent than it was before.

The safety net is totally destroyed.

When we went out to the trampoline is was rocking precariously. We decided to unhook the mat rather than risk lifting or rolling the trampoline in the wind again. It took us at least an hour to unhitch every spring and remove the mesh so we could ‘un-wedge’ the trampoline.
This is all very dramatic, but don’t be thinking that we were foolish and unwarned … DISASTER
this is not the first time this has happened. Since the last trampoline incident we had the trampoline secured down, obviously not secure enough!

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