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okay okay …

I am rubbish at blogging.

I have zillions of photos and its going to take me a few days to post everything I want to. I seem to spend my days apologising to people in real life and in the blog world about my tardiness. I have been so busy; decorating, coping with a ‘little’ issue regarding one of my children’s health just now, exams and my own health. I have to get a couple lumps removed and got surgery in two weeks time. Looking like nothing sinister but will know for sure once they are removed and tested.

With regard to the decorating, it has been a nightmare couple months. We took out the fireplace in our dining room and blocked that up. What we didn’t realise is that the chimneys were blocked from above and blocking up the fireplace was a huge mistake. So we got a damp patch that then once ventilation bricks and holes were added into the chimney it took two months to dry out.

The fireplace before

The fireplace after – behind the the sofa. The main wall is decorated with a red colour, I need to get complete photos done. I haven’t got my floor finished, and I also want a large canvas photograph of the kids on the wall but its live-able now and definitely more than passable now.

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