Wallace & Gromit

Going to W5 the science museum is certainly not new for us, and as usual there’s always plenty of photographs. The children love it there but this time there was something special they wanted to see.

Anyway the ‘ordinary’ photos first.

Seb practising his boating skills.

Sol making music with lights.

What would you like to eat?


Seb playing the harp, this is no ordinary harp as it has no strings, yet it still makes music.

Animal dominos …. hhhmmm who is next to play?

‘I like driving in my car.’

‘I am sailing.’

Anyway …this is the whole reason why we went this time. the children just love Wallace & Gromit. W5 is the venue of a Wallace & Gromit exhibition just now and is had actual sets and models from the film Wallace & Gromit And The Curse Of The Were-rabbit. How ccool are they? I loved the detail in every single piece.

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