Boats, Robes, Teeth.

Well the last couple of weeks have flown by – once again. Here’s a round up.

Well last blog update I had shared that other half had got himself a little boat. He was so keen on getting out on it he managed to get the boat insured and a tow bar fitted on the car in less than a day. It is a pity that he wasn’t so quick and effiecient at doing DIY. The only thing that held him back was the fact we had only two life jackets ….so we got some decent ones from eBay. And now its just a matter of towing the boat down to the harbour and launching it.

The view from the harbour.

Here’s Mag all ready to sail!

Here’s the boat ….

wait ….. wait…. its not

this is the boat!
Okay I have to add in this photo, I forgot to share it in a previous blog. This is Seb on his Boys Brigade award night receiving his badges.
This photo, which I took on my phone camera at Mag’s insistence. Mag was tickled by the “wide range of trolleys” on offer at Tesco. Well that is what the sign says but I am not sure that there are many to chose from.

The tooth fairy visited Seb last week…

…and this again this week. Poor boy can hardly talk, he has a big lisp thing going on, its quite funny.

The robes we got for Toni … they are installed and are looking good. We got them from Starplan, in fact my other half was so happy with them he ‘let’ me go order some more for our bedroom. So I went and ordered two x 2 metre robes for our room which will really help a lot with storage space. They will be delivered and installed in July so we need to get our skates on and get the room decorated … we never do things by halves in our house.

Just now we have a little room which is actually like a box room, but it is used for clothes rather than a bedroom or anything else ..the room is kitted out with large ‘built in’ robes and we have all our clothes and bedding in it. Well getting the robes for our bedroom means it will free up some of the the robes in the little room we have, and in turn I can utilise that room for something else. Long story here, but we have an extension in the pipe line with a utility room, so I am going to use this little room for a utility room and that creates an extra room when the extension is done. PHEW are you still with me, because it sounds so complicate, it isn’t really.

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