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This is Monday again, start of the Easter holidays for our schooled counterparts.
Every day last week I had planned on taking the children to the local farm and everyday it rained. The day it didn’t rain our eldest child was marching in Belfast with his Boys Brigade for their annual batallion parade.
So today, once again we thought we would brave the farm, and once again the rain has arrived. Not that it’s a major issue getting wet and possibly muddy, but six children (two of them not mine) getting wet and muddy isn’t fun to deal with.
There’s not an awful lot to report, Mag had a tummy bug on Friday morning and Seb felt he needed to spend the day in bed so it was a very ‘non event’ day.
As for me I am fed up with nagging all of the children to keep their bedrooms tidy and pick up their clothes. I am toying with the idea of giving myself a break from nagging and ignoring the bedrooms and let them get really messy to see if anyone notices and starts to pick up. Has anyone tried this? Does it work, or is it just more hard work in the long run?
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