Cranberry Sauce Recipe

With Christmas looming I have done most of the preparations, including making some proper cranberry sauce. Keeping up with traditions I am going to share some of my recipes as the month goes by. We wont eat Christmas dinner on the day itself but will enjoy it on boxing day.
I cant really take the credit for this recipe as it is actually one Nigella Lawson shared in her Christmas book and also in her Christmas show which seems to be on every year without fail.
340g fresh cranberries
200g caster sugar
45ml of proper cherry brandy (this is the best bit LOL)
75ml of water
Put all of the above ingredients in your favourite pan and give them a good stir.
Heat the pan over a medium heat for about ten minutes, when the berries are popping then they are done. Stir the mix now and again to make sure they all pop and none get stuck to the bottom. Give the berries another good stir and leave to cool. That’s about all there is too it – so easy, quick, and why would you bother ever eating supermarket cranberry sauce ever again?
I transferred all my sauce into tubs (I made double) and put them in the freezer. Take the sauce out to defrost at room temperature the day before you need to use it. When its defrosted give it a good hard stir to mix all the berries in and then just eat!

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