Riding the Furious Baco is fun!

I have to say that the hotel we are staying at is amazing. We watched
a Temptations Tribute band last night and the kids danced their little
legs off at the mini disco.

The hotel animation team have worked
excessively hard to keep the children entertained. Yesterday they held
a paper aeroplane competition, darts and rubber ring racing (lol). Mag won the rubber ring races but failed miserably with his origami paper plane.

We made it to the theme park today. Port Aventura is an impressive
place, there are five countries each with different styles of rides.
We only managed two of the countries so we are planning on going back
for more fun Friday. They do all the Disney thing at night with the
fireworks too so it’s going to be fun. We did not make it to the
Dragon Khan today but we did go on Stampedia which was a bone shaker
double roller coaster where two sets of cars race. We also got on the
Furious Baco, and oh my goodness I have ridden some rides in my time
but that was a scary one. It’s a strange one you are suspended out to
the side of the track with your legs hanging, then you think it’s
going to be like any other ride with a slow start you realise how
wrong you are in that assumption. Like a bullet out of a gun the
forces are instantaneous and whizzing round upside down just a couple
feet from the lake is an exhilarating experience.

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