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It was a long day yesterday, probably one of the most tiring I had
experienced in a long time. Anyone who knows me will know I have been
wrestling with a flu for the last fortnight. Due to restrictions
imposed on our country anyone with swine flu symptoms will be refused
flight travel. Swine flu is contagious until day 7 of the illness so
I figured I would be ok.
Come hell or high water I was getting on that plane. Doped up with
three sorts of meds I managed not to start coughing till we were
flying over France, so there was no turning back.
The early start was okay, 5:30 found us on the road. We reached our
hotel 1:45 Barcelona time. The afternoon was spent lazing in our
apartment. We all came alive at seven at night!
There was a medieval restaurant just out side the hotel, that was as
far as our weary legs would carry us that night. Food was good and
two of the children were put in the stocks, literally. We checked out
the entertainment, the beach by night and the supermarket – I think we
will be happy here.
This morning was lovely we booked half board today and the breakfast was
Buffet style with much as you could eat of every single food you can
imagine. So the nine pounds I lost while I’ll is going to go straight
back on again. I will let you know what dinner is like later LOL.
Tomorrow we are going to Portaventura the theme park, the kids are
bouncing with excitement and we still gave two weeks to go of this.
One final comment will be an apology from me to everyone reading this,
apart from making you jealous I have to say all spelling mistakes will
have to stay till I get home and run the spelling and grammar
checker. Blogging from an iPhone is easy and suits me fine, but the
keys are small and the spell check does not do English I think.
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