This blog post is going to be short and sweet.

You see, earlier in the summer I was convinced I had the swine flu, really I was sure of it LOL! I was so sick and barely could move for 3 or 4 days – gee I thought I was ill!

Well it seems Swine flu is back, this time for real! I have been sick for 6 days now, I am hoping tomorrow I am going to be on my feet. It started last weds, after Toni and Mag had been ill the previous week. Sore throat, fevers, hot, cold, unable to move without pain, nausea, iffy tummy, hacking chesty cough, wheezing, cant sleep, cant eat (not eaten for 4 days), useless in other words! I have been laid on the sofa for the whole time, watching my family get on with life, watching the laundry pile up and feeling more grossed each time I approach the science project in the bathroom sink …. oh other half did clean it yesterday at long last. That was before he built up the new rabbit hutch (its huge BTW) in the dining room need I add so I could sit and read the instructions out to him (I got the photos on my phone to prove it, I will add them in later).

We have all had this illness bar other half now so he is the ticking time bomb waiting to go off, so far symptom free apart from a sore throat the other day.

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