I am looking after two girls just now. They are my neighbour’s children and I usually have them over the summer while there are no schools and their usual child minder stays in her apartment in Spain. Having four children already an extra two isn’t such a big deal for us.

Today after the morning session for four of the children at the leisure centre, we went to Kiltonga Duck Pond. We stopped at our local shop en route and got a bag of stale bread to feed the birds. All the children had a great time as we walked on the path round the ponds. Oh and we found a Geocache on our travels too.

This is my gang!

I had a chuckle while we were out today an elderly couple came up to me and asked “excuse me, I just have to ask you but are all those children yours?” I was too slow I should have said yes but I told her “only four of them”. She went on to say she saw them all and thought I had a lovely family, she admired Mag especially.

These cygnets are only 11 weeks old!

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