The girls have ringworm, one of them is confirmed and one looks suspect. Hollie has had this ‘funny’ rash on her neck for a while. I didn’t think much of it at first because there was an incident where Roy had accidentally scraped her with his fingernails and for a while I thought it was a bruise. Now the rash has grown and taken on the more recognisable appearance. We had the diagnosis confirmed and Toni was given clotrimazole, its an anti fungal medication. Sol’s rash looks suspicious but not confirmed yet, they said she was a bit young for treatment so we are holding off until we know for sure about her rash.


Ringworm isn’t a worm as the name suggests but a fungal infection. Its contagious and originates from infected animals but can be passed human to human. In the girls case this came from another human they were in close contact with. It is important to have good hygiene when you have ringworm, things like use your own towel, bedding etc. The girls often sleep in the same bed so it’s no surprise if they are both infected.

Treatment is easy with anti fungal creams, ringworm as a rule doesn’t leave scars. Children need / should have a definite diagnosis as treatments may differ.

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