I made rice pudding this week, it was a big hit with everyone.


200g pudding rice
100 g sugar (I used my vanilla caster sugar)
1.5 litre semi skimmed milk


Heat the oven to 150, or 130 for fan assisted
grease the dish

Stir all the ingredients in the bowl together and that’s all you have to do.
Pop your dish of rice pudding mix in the oven. I checked mine every 20 mins and gave it a good stir, though you don’t have to I think its creamier if you stir it more.

After about an hour and ten minutes you need to keep check on your pudding though it could take up to two hours to be how you like it. Mine took about 1hr 25 mins, its all down to personal taste.

Sprinkle some nutmeg on the top. If you like a crusty top then you could finish it off in the grill or simply not stir for the last 30 mins.


  1. kellyi

    We make rice pudding but never a low fat option.In your honest opinion, did any one notice? I feel that my lot (who can tell the difference between milk types) will moan.


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