It didn’t rain much on Sunday! Well it did but it did not spoil our day at the zoo. Sunday was Roy’s birthday and when he woke he announced he wanted to go to the zoo. For those who know Belfast Zoo you will understand what I am going to say – this is the same zoo that I vowed last year to never visit again! It’s built on a hill, the little ones have previously struggled to get up the hill and we have only ever seen half of the exhibits in one day. This day being no different we pushed on up the hill first in the hope that the children would find it easier to see the zoo in reverse. Seb was giving off big time shouting out that he thought we were there to see the animals not go mountain climbing. Once we got to the top, after several pit stops sheltering from the heavy rain showers, the kids were great. We did manage to see all the animals and there were no further issues.

A wooden rhino!

A terantula! (it’s a big one)





Oh and this is a blue penguin! HONEST! We were watching the penguins, Mag got noticeably excited and exclaimed he just saw some blue penguins. DER!!

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