I am hungry.
I am cross with myself for two reasons, first is having these tests (not really), second is waiting so long to have these tests.
I have always had allergies and intolerances to since I was born. These allergies were not properly diagnosed till I was grown up. My parents struggled to find food that I would eat so took it upon themselves to hold me down and force feed me. This in turn made me very ill and have given me some serious food phobias.
All my adult life I have enjoyed preparing food but not eating it. I can’t eat out as a rule, I am very particular so it would take me to really trust the chef in order to eat. I can however manage a curry made specially by the chef for me at the Phoenix in Bangor!
So here my food journey continues. Discovering what I previously thought were food phobias are actually allergies and realising this is my body’s built in safety mechanism is a good start. Thattogether with my already known allergies I can move on and get healthy.
I have been asked in the past “why don’t you just eat …?” when faced with a meal, but at least now I can answer with confidence that I can’t eat that food.
Back to now, I am starving! Can’t eat cheese, can’t eat ham, need to go cook some chicken to keep for my lunch. Breakfast is a tricky one too, can’t have milk for cereal, don’t like soya milk (it’s rotten, have you ever tried it?). Need to find some nice tea you can drink without milk. I did manage a cereal bar this morning, of which we had two in the house (probably out of date!), I didnt enjoy the bar and struggled to swallow it so there is no way I am going to be able to eat one of those every morning.
This also explains where Seb has got his casein allergy from, I know how he feels now.

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