Food Allergies!

I have to post this as it is so weird.

I always knew I had certain food allergies, I am badly allergic to nuts, fish, onions among other things. Well the last while has been a struggle, yeah sure I am over weight and all that so it is prove I DO actually eat. My problem is I have never been able to eat food unless I have prepared it myself as I would always end up so ill. I have had so many highs and lows lately with regard to food I decided to get some allergy testing done.

Some of the results in part were not a surprise, but some things were a shock to me. With this information I hope I can adapt my lifestyle and diet to improve my health, and with a bit of luck speed up my weight loss in the process.

The results …

Cow’s milk
Plaice (apparently Tuna is okay but I don’t like Tuna)
Kiwi fruit
Red Wine

Oh and some food additives
E102 Tartrazine
E251 Sodium nitrate (which is the preserve found in bacon, ham, sausages, processed meats)

Just wondering what I CAN eat now … looks like BBQs are out then. On a serious note I am hoping that cutting all the foods out that make me ill can help improve my health. With some of the less allergic foods I will be able to reintroduce them at a later date.

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