Yesterday we took a trip to the Ulster American Folk Park over near Omagh. It was a long day for us all but certainly worth it.
“The museum tells the story of emigration from Ulster to America in the 18th & 19th centuries and provides visitors with a “living history” experience on its outdoor site. Costumed demonstrators go about their everyday tasks in the traditional manner in authentically furnished Old and New World buildings.” exert from http://www.folkpark.com/

The museum is well laid out, you follow the path through the Irish side where you get to look in period houses and see how the people of Ireland used to live. In each house there was a character who talked to the children and explained what their jobs were and how they lived. The children were amazed with the stories they were told, and got to try various things all hands on. I even signed Mag up for a seven year apprenticeship with a blacksmith!

When you finish with the Irish side you go to the docks, step on a ship … this ‘ship’ takes you to America. You step off the other side of the ship where you can explore America! The photos I took were from both the Irish side and the American side.


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