It Rained!

For all of ten Minutes it rained today! Once again the weather is
glorious, much warmer than I ever anticipated.
The taxi driver was saying it’s really quiet just now, more like
march . . . I can agree with that, considering that this is
the Algarve, and it’s the holiday week I would have expected it to
be much more busy.
We visited a town called Vilamoura today, supposedly the home of the
rich and famous. We did not see anyone famous but there was plenty of
evidence of the rich. The marina was out of this world, rows and rows
of millions of pounds worth of boats. Cars we could never afford, and
plenty of expensive wares to buy. Needless to say we managed a few ice
creams and drinks – that was it. The beach could have been anywhere,
I got loads of photos to download when we get home. If you could
imagine a beautiful carved wooden four poster bed with cushions and
canopies, place that bed and many others like it on a sublime golden
beach then you would be here – here where I was today.

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