Sunny again

Another sunny day in the Algarve over. Temperature each day seems to
be climbing, with a forecast of sunshine I am not one to complain.
Sadly for us we have been limited in how far we can go. Sol has
been I’ll, her fever has been spiking at 103 the last couple of nights.
By day she has been listless and unable to eat without vomiting.
Sol also had not been to the toilet for seven days now, and I am
sure this is the cause of her illness. Setting ourselves up to the
fact that we may have to get medical treatment we come to realize that
we don’t have our E1 11 cards with us. That would mean an automatic
bill, which is not an issue but certainly a nuisance. Anyway I went
to a particular pharmacist, who I was assured was as good as a doctor
by our reps to ask for advice. Great place, ticket system, speak good
English …
They gave Sol some laxatives and told me that nothing will happen
today buy we will see plenty action tomorrow. On a positive note
Sol seemed to pick up this evening, she actually wanted to go to
the disco. I am sure the morning will be a turning point for her now
and we can get back to fully enjoying our holiday. It’s not all
negative, Sol being ill has ensured that I have been able to relax
for a couple of days.
We are pretty much set up here, there is a shopping centre behind our
hotel with a huge supermarket. I have never seen such a wide range of
products, especially the fruit and veg section. There is an optician
and it’s great too, they fixed Seb’s broken glasses free of charge,
can’t beat that for service.

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