Elvis is alive – 16th May

Elvis is still alive, I knew it all along.
This is us blogging from the Algarve. The weather is fabulous, you
have to forgive us sharing that as our friends sit back home in the
The apartment hotel we are staying at is superb and worth every one
of the four stars it has been awarded. Despite the stars, the pool
is a bit chilly, the children don’t seem to mind that so much.
We had a non eventful journey except for me getting a random search
at the airport – sigh.
We have been exploring the area where we are staying and tonight we
decided to head into the old town. What an interesting place
Albufeira is, we experienced many a strange thing here … Elvis,
did I mention he is alive and well sporting a very nice sun tan. We
saw a one armed fire eater. A man with a White painted face who
wore a gown which looked like one of those dresses the toilet roll
dollies wore.
What was most interesting was the huge open air escalators leading to and from the beach.

On a more serious note Sol has been I’ll, she was sick today and has fever of 102. We are considering contacting a doctor.

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