Trip To The Wetlands

This is the first of two blog posts about today.

We visited the Balloo Wetlands Nature reserve today. This was it’s official opening, its a new reserve where The Wildlife Trust have turned boggy waste ground into a haven for wildlife. Although its only been there about a year already there are birds and pond life establishing themselves. As you will see from the photographs the weather was very kind to us also.

The opening day was marked with various activities – here are the photos!

The Mayor, Leslie Cree, was visiting to help mark the day. There were a few photographers and a camera man filming, they wanted a child to sit beside the mayor for a photo shoot. So wouldn’t you know, not one, but two of my children got in on the action! They ended up in the newspaper that week.

This was Seb pond dipping. He caught quite a few living things which we looked at closely before throwing them back.
Watching the pond dipping.

Two swans have already made themselves at home, along with a couple of different breeds of ducks.

~In the bird hide

Summer enjoying some tadpoles which were on display.

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