May Day Wetness!

Went out today to enjoy the May Day holiday in style. Of course it rained, but never mind we still had fun. We took a drive down the Newtownards Peninsula and stopped in Donaghadee for Ice Cream. Drove as far as Ballywalter then headed across to Greyabbey to head up the Mount Stewart Road.

We parked at the old Gas Works and took a walk along the shoreline of Strangford Loch. Our plan was to walk as far as the old outdoor swimming pool which belonged to Lady Mairi Bury of Mountstewart. I have fond memories of ‘stealing’ a swim in that pool as a teenager, the surroundings were exquisite. Sadly today the pool is filled in and the area is just a mess of briars and such like.

This is a memorial to some of the family who drowned in the loch over 100 years ago due to a tragic accident. I don’t know the full history and I may be wrong here but I believe they were in a boat and it sank.

Heading back to the car!

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  1. Great snaps! We were at that very spot about two weeks ago – the gasworks.The memorial is impressive. I'd dearly like to know the story behind that. It must have been a dreadful tragedy at the time.Tim


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