One Door closes …

One door closes and another opens …

This is not the case for Seb, my poor little boy who has a sore head now thanks to a well known supermarket’s front doors. The supermarket is on Main Street, Bangor, otherwise known as ASDA!

I will start by saying I have no issues with ASDA and I am very happy with the way in which this was taken care of.

We went into the town yesterday morning, mainly with a bank errand – needed money, had to pay money in to the bank accounts. The funny thing is you cant live without money in the bank to buy food and pay the mortgage! Anyway I also needed to get some of Roy’s natural alternative cholesterol tablets, those are the ones with plant esterols in instead prescribed statins which give him some undesirable symptoms along with helping his cholesterol levels.

Anyway enough of the rambling, we needed to get a birthday present for on of the neighbours children so decided to pop into ASDA to see if they had anything nice. As we were about to walk in the door we were approached by a charity box shaker man and I felt obligated to stop and go rummaging in my pockets for change. As I did Seb skipped on towards the doors, they are the automatic doors that open and close when they ‘know’ you are there. A lady went on ahead of Seb and triggered the doors, he stopped as he went through and turned to see if I was behind him – as he did the doors closed on his head. Once they hit him they bounced back open but the damage was already done. Within seconds a nasty looking red bump appeared and Seb was very upset. I marched straight over to the customer services desk to complain. They brought the store manager down who took all our details and arranged to look at the security camera footage. Don’t get me wrong here, this was not about getting somebody into trouble, Seb will live but the worry would be that it could happen again with more serious injury to another child. They took photographs of Seb’s head and then took us up to view the footage from the camera. Initially the camera guy said Seb walked into the doors, but on watching the footage you can see this was not the case. Turns out when he stopped in the middle the sensor did not detect he was there, it skimmed just over the top of his head so the doors automatically started closing. The footage showed him turning around and the door closing against his head, them him bouncing back in fright as the doors opened again.

The manager is reporting this to their head office and they have also called the door service engineers out to look at how this could happen. I suspect I will hear from them soon of their findings. Meanwhile Seb has an egg on his head.

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  1. Poor Ellis, what a terrifying thing to happen! I hope he's feeling better now, and that you get a proper formal apology from Asda quickly.

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