If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Last night was Seb’s last night at Boy’s Brigade, this is his first year otherwise known as the Anchor Boys. It was his award night where all the proud mums and dads get to go see their little boys getting their awards.

Well as usual I went to watch Seb, Roy stayed at home with the other children. The boys came in looking as proud as anything and sat at the front. There are three main trophies given out to the Anchor Boys, and unfortunately Seb did not get one. He sat ever so patiently while the three boys who were getting those trophies received them. Thinking hard about this Seb stood up, marched to the front where the two leaders were doing the prize presentation and asked when he was getting his trophy. Everyone was laughing, not in a bad way just that he was so cute. Me, I had my face buried in my hands in embarrassment.

The minister who was sat immediately behind me bent over and whispered into my ear “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”, that just summed it all up.

The next stage of the presentation was the badges so the leaders explained that they had a very special boy who was their youngest member and gave Seb his first year badge. He was happy then and he sat proudly showing his arm band off for the rest of the presentation.

This morning on leaving Sol off to playgroup I met the minister’s daughter in law, she was laughing about the trophy incident. She informed me that the leaders had said that Seb deserved a trophy for what had happened.

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