Fifth Disease (Slapped Cheek Syndrome)

Our children have all been suffering with the symptoms of Fifth Disease the last few weeks, the common name is Slapped Cheek Syndrome (or Slap Cheek) because it looks like slapped cheeks funnily enough!

Sol has had another flair up, the rash comes and goes …

It is hard to tell on the photos, the rash in real life is darker than it appears here.

One Comment

  1. losie

    Such a darlin child, slapped cheeksand all!My grandson, who lives in Pa. hadthis 5th disease in January. Other children in his area also were downwith this.I never heard of this nor did anyolder people when I made inquiriesabout it so I took my request to the encyclopedia~~Google~~ and found all that was needed to know.So basically my deductions are thatwith children all over the world having this, to me, it means that there is something different in their systems than those born between the 1930's-1970's who neverhad this yet alone ever heard of it.Quite an interesting mission I gotinto however it's unfortunate thatI am unable to proceed with it.Priorities you know!Audrey


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