Easter Egg Hunt

We had a little party with a few friends yesterday (Saturday night) and a good time was had by all. I managed to get through the evening without a singe drop of alcohol too – its good as I didn’t have a sore head this morning with a hangover. However the night did not end when the party finished at 1am …. at 2.30 am we had an intruder …
I was laying awake and I was aware of some noises from up the side of the house, I could here a grating sound and people walking up the driveway. I woke Roy up and he went to investigate – he could hear voices too we were worried. He went into Mag’s room to switch on the security lights (there is a panel there) and we saw four people outside. I think they were from up the road, one of the houses has had parties the last few nights and they have been pretty noisy.
This morning we found one of our gates had been knocked on the ground and a bottle of buckfast, there was also something on the ground not sure if it was spilled drinks or urine.
We are going to go speak to the family involved.

After a long night the children were awake at daybreak, they were waiting for the Easter Bunny. My neighbour and I snuck out and hid eggs around the two gardens while the children were getting dressed.

Here are the photos ….



Sol had to get changed half way through the egg hunt in case you noticed and wondered what was going on.


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