I don’t mind sharing …

I don’t mind sharing with anyone. I don’t mind sharing graphics I have made, in fact if you ask me to make a graphic, I will. What I don’t like are people taking my graphics, then having the cheek to hotlink them. My hosting site I pay for with my own hard earned cash – so if you are gonna use my graphics at least take them away to your own site and not use my bandwidth.


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  1. I find the best way to deal with that is to rename the graphic I'm using AND replace the hotlinked one with a picture of someone mooning. Yes, I know it's childish. Made me feel better though!

  2. Yes, we go for a similar approach to that of RP, I was amazingly annoyed a couple of years back to find Small being used on ppl's Myspace pages, so we replaced him with something less attractive to themevil grin.And to Anonymous – you just shouldn't do it!

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