This One Went Wrong

I am sitting here listening to my eldest three children fighting over the placement of the sofa cushions! You would think it would be a pointless thing to fight over but according to them its not. The talk we had earlier about being nice to each other appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

We have had a week off from school this week, well everyone is pretty much up to speed on everything they need to so we came to a family decision to loaf around.

Monday was pretty much uneventful – we took a trip to the library which was cut short for various reasons. One of the cars was in for an MOT test, which it failed on a brake light being out. That meant another £17 for a retest. The evening was spent pretty much doing running about for the children’s various clubs.

We have been stripping the wallpaper of our hall so the house was in real need of dusting, and tidying so I must admit I have been really good this week and managed to keep everything at a tolerable level of containment.

Tuesday we had to go to the supermarket I had not planned that trip but little did I realise that we had no night time nappies. Discovered that at 11pm Monday night when we lifted Seb to put him on the loo, the moment after his old pants were ripped off and placed in the bin! We had to improvise … just lucky we had got a free sample of lady incontinence pants in the post – I never got round to wearing them! I covered them up with two layers of towelling pants. Seb’s Pyjamas ware surprisingly dry in the morning which was a first. The rest of the day was taken up by mundane stuff like washing curtains and things you know how it goes. Oh and the car – we got it retested and it passed! The Rainbow’s drop off on Tuesday evening was not significant except I couldn’t help but notice in the twilight the people hurrying into the village with their beloved daughters, the cars pulling in fighting for parking spaces – and our local shop lit up like a beacon on the dull street. If was a funny moment I had, sort of people watching, maybe I am a little crazy after all.

This morning was nothing more than an exploratory run to the DIY store. I must say I was disappointed by the lack of variety of styles of paper they had for our hallway. Seems there is a fashion just now for big whirly leaf like designs which I just don’t want in my hallway – I don’t want brown or silver wallpaper either nor do I want a teal blue. HUMPH. The paint – well I decided to go for paint after the lack of inspiration in the paper department. I haven’t settled on a colour or shad yet, nor have I decided whether I will have light reflective paint by dulux, durable stuff, dead flat matt by crown, silk, vinyl, suede effect, washable or something else I cannot remember to mention. The colour charts only confuse the issue further – so it looks like I am going to go for cream!

I want to share these videos of the children, we were just mucking around!

And this one went wrong!

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