Thirty Minutes with No Children

On Sunday last week we headed over to Ward park, as I already posted and it went downhill from there.

Tuesday Mag had a follow up appointment with the GP about his gastritis and other problems. Oh yes and the appointment went well, he is still on the medication for another little while but hes getting better.

Friday Mag was booked into to the library for an IT workshop. I dropped him off then found a girl’s mobile phone – spent the morning trying to make arrangements to get it back to her. The children and I spent another couple of hours in the park and before we knew it the day was over. In the evening we found ourselves one child down – Toni was sleeping over at our neighbour’s house as a sort of payment toward all the baby sitting we were about to do.

Saturday was pretty much a taxi day. The children had various clubs and birthday parties to go to. It was an interesting task with Roy and I both setting off in different directions to do the drop offs – we did manage to meet up for half an hour in the town with NO KIDS in tow. We stepped into a little cafe off the main street in Bangor, we ordered a ‘late breakfast’ (it was 2.30pm) and were looking forward to it until we started looking around the cafe. The cafe was filthy, the baby seat was filthy I would never have put any of my babies in it. The carpet on the stairs were black and the skirtings were not much better – to top it all I had to ask for clean cutlery. So we chocked down some food then ran for our lives. We met up with two of the children and took them to KFC, before heading back for the other two children once again in separate cars.

Seb slept in with Toni on Saturday night – you can imagine how much sleep everyone got.

Sunday afternoon found us looking after my neighbours two little girls while they went to a trade show in the city. We then looked after one of the girls from yesterday morning through to this evening because the same neighbours were gone at a wedding. The girl was good and our children too, but they are all very very tired now having had far too many sleep overs.

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