They would get you into trouble …

Kids that is, they would get you in so deep if you were not careful.

This evening I popped out for an hour. I needed to go stick my head round the door of  Mag‘s Boys Brigade club because they were kind enough to send him a card last week. I wanted to talk to them about what Mag can and cannot do when he starts back. Mag came with me to get out of the house, we had not planned on being out long but we ended up making a pit stop at the local shop on the way home.

While we were gone Roy was dealing with Seb, Toni and Sol were already in bed so no issues there. Seb is a different matter, for anyone who knows Seb he is an active, chirpy sometimes quirky boy. You cant leave him, he just is always on the go.

Seb was getting his pyjamas on while Roy ran up the stairs to switch on his computer and put the little heater on. He must have been gone for just a couple of minutes, when he came down stairs again he was in for a shock. In the dining room stood a very good friend of ours, he happens to be a neighbour too. He had popped over the wall to get something of his daughter’s that was left in our house this morning when I was looking after her. Seb ‘explained’ to our neighbour that daddy was not there and that daddy had left without giving him kisses. On further quizzing Seb had announced that mummy wasn’t there either. So our neighbour was stood there feeling a bit flummoxed by this, he was just wondering what to do when Roy appeared back down the stairs.

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  1. I took a school trip to a park last summer and nearly came back with an extra child. He must have been around 3, and he followed our gang out of the playground, and no one came after him. When I talked to him to ask where Mummy was, he said at work. So I said who brought you to the park. Daddy. Where's daddy? At work. Hm. At that point I herded him towards the ppl organising the dinosaur day out and left them to it, given I had 8 children of our own (with 4 staff) to supervise.

  2. amanda!! So glad I found your blog!! wow, the children have grown, glad Ashley is back home and healthy! Must bookmark your blog and come back, lovely to “see” you again!Esther

  3. lorraine mccullough

    great pics Amanda. I'm glad AShley is on the the mend. He has had a hard time recently. Rachael my eldest,announced loudly that I was leaving a shop without paying the lady. My protestations were ignored and she got ever louder.She hadn't worked out that a debit card was accepted and remained visibly unconvinced despite me showing her(and all curious bystanders)the receipt. Half of Bangor seemed to be staring at me as a shop lifter!I still feel anxious when I shop with her and she is 30 now.

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