The Boy is Home

Mag is home at last. I want to thank all of my friends on line and in real life for the messages of kindness given to us during this week.

Mag, as you have read earlier in the week, had his appendix removed last Sunday. Mag then suffered post op complications with a kinked bowel and some infection in his wound. Anyway after a few hard days he turned the corner and yeserday he was allowed to come home.

Mag now is still pretty sore, he is tired and not on full strength but this is all to be expected.

He has had some surprising restrictions put on him, he is not allowed to do contact sports or anything strenuous for six months. He is allowed to resume ‘gentle’ sports after three months so at least he wont be curtailed for too long. The weather is too cold for him to be out cycling or trampolining anyway. He is also disappointed that he has had to cancel his climbing wall course and not go swimming with the other children but I guess it is a small price to pay compared to what would have happened had he not got the surgery.

We have been overwhelmed with the kindness shown to him by virtually everyone we know. The cards and calls have flooded in from his various clubs and activities, even people who we had not told directly got to find out about him being laid up. It just shows what a popular boy he is, and I would imagine if the same happened to me I would struggle to have the same following.

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