POST-IT NOTES and starfish

Nothing much to report today, well I am sure there is loads but quite frankly I am too tired this evening to write about it all. We went to W5 today, well three of the children went one stayed at home with daddy. My three year old wasn’t too hot so I thought it best she stick close to home, I was so tied between her and going to W5 but I guess I did not want to spoil the day for everyone else.

We watched a couple of the demonstrations as well as looking at all the exhibits. Here is Toni enjoying part of the show.

I do have to share something else funny…
On our way back we stopped at Tesco, we found this car in the car park which had the windows covered in post-it notes. I wonder why they were put there, I wonder how long they took to stick on, and I wonder what will happen when the owner finds the car decorated like this.

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