Decorating plates & Eating Healthy

I started the day with my free trial delivery from Graze. One of the other home educating mums suggested that we might like to try it so we did! Pop over to if you fancy signing up. They send you these little boxes of fruit, veg or other things which make up three of your five a day F&V. It was yum – not sure whether or not we will continue after the trial – I might have to talk out local shop into keeping more exotic fruit and doing this service them selves!

Then there was this – it is a finger mouse. I haven’t tried it yet, it was £2.00 from ebay and is a mouse that goes on your finger funnily enough.

Toni is still not the healthiest girl on earth and her eye looks sore, she still made it through the day’s activities though.

We decorated cups and saucers with special paints that you bake on. Oh did I tell you my oven has packed up so that is a tough one …. neighbours come in handy there.

acting the fool!

Oh this one I did ……

Just kidding.

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