A Week In Photos – From Spider Woman To A Chef

Dressing up – Seb got a chef’s outfit for Christmas and the children also all got aprons. The vet costume and the bee outfit were from previous events.

The tooth fairy also visited out house. As you can see the tooth that fell out was a top one, that top tooth was hanging by a thread for a couple of weeks (until I got sick of listening to the tears every time we ate). Underneath it was a quite well grown tooth so it is so no wonder it hurt.

 she is lovely. (Do you think I am biased?)

Yesterday the children were playing with various games.
This is ‘our’ family: Roy on the left, followed by me dressed as spider woman, Toni, Mag, Seb in the builder hat, and lastly Sol on the right.

Sol had her eye test at the hospital last week, as a result she got two new prescriptions. We went to Specsavers to order her glasses this time, and they turned out okay. Usually we go to our own optician but I did not have time to go there after doing a huge list of errands that particular day. Specsavers was in the shopping centre so it was hand to get to. The downside to Specsavers is that the only offer one free repair for each pair of glasses, our usual optician offers unlimited. I am sure it is the same NHS/government fund that pays for them so it does make you wonder why this service is not available there. For a three year old who wears lasses all of the time this is an essential part of the service. Anyways Sol was thrilled with her Mr Tickle, and Little Miss Naughty specs.

Toni has also been sick for the last couple of days, last night and this morning her temperature hit 39.5 C, it is coming down now at last. I think her tonsils are a bit red looking and she was sick, but I think she will be alright after a day or too in bed.

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