Let this be a warning – To all parents everywhere.

I am fully aware of the fact it is now the 9th of January and I still have not posted any Christmas photos or stories …

Well here is a warning for all parents out there.

Back in November Argos and Tesco were competing with each other and had a massive sale on many toys. We took advantage of that and managed to get three of the children new bikes and they all got scooters too! For six weeks those bikes nestled in the garage, for six weeks they were cosy under blankets and other boxes. They lay undiscovered until Christmas eve …

On Christmas eve night Roy went out to the garage and started building those bikes, each one a master-piece in its own right. Roy was so proud, never before had he made up so many bikes in such a short space of time. Come midnight with tools and cardboard discarded he wheeled the bikes and scooters into the house.

Christmas morning was started when Sol ‘discovered’ three shiny new bicycles in the dining room, from there on in the place was alive with screeches of excitement.

Weeks go by and the children are well trained at putting the bikes away when they have finished playing with them.

Yesterday whilst Seb, Mag & Toni were sat at the table doing a project we had a visitor. Out of the blue during this visit Hollie said she saw boxes for the bikes and helmets in the garage. Wide eyed I just stared at my visitor, “got out of that one!” she was saying to me whilst trying to stifle laughter.

Well … I had to think quick and I explained that there were so many bicycles on Santa’s sleigh that he had to put them in boxes, that Santa was worried the pedals of each bike would get caught in the next bike’s wheels.

“But mummy, I thought Santa was Magic, and why would he leave the empty boxes in the garage?” Hollie puzzled further.

Well that Santa guy is a scruffy old man – he left those boxes on the driveway and daddy could not believe the mess he had left behind. Daddy put the boxes in the garage so that he could recycle them, but I am telling you that we will have to ask him next Christmas to to take his rubbish with him when he leaves.

So just let this be a warning to you all.

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