The Launch of SHAE

Yesterday the 30th December 2008!

 Roy had asked for a boat from Santa Clause – and a boat he got!

Yesterday it was dull but dry so we decided to head into a nearby town called Bangor and launch Shae the speed boat at Pickie Park.

The promenade.

Waiting ever so patiently for the time to launch

This is it …

And she is off like a good un

Shae’s maiden voyage was successful, well almost. She had a bit of propeller stutter and started off going round in circles but once she got the hang of it all there was no stopping her. Shae whizzed around the pond like a good un until she ran out of puff. It was then she was packed into a bag and marched around the park with the children.

Some views from around Bangor Marina.

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