The completed job (almost)

It has only taken since last Wednesday for this ‘bug’ that we have to get round our family. I think we must be almost over it,Seb this morning was ill but he seems to be okay now. After changing his bed yet again we live in hope that tomorrow I might get that mountain of washing down a bit so it is not holding me to ransom any more.

I want to share something – a friend in the USA sent me an ornament. We do an ornament exchange every year, it makes it special to have something different, especially one sent by a good friend. This is what I got …

Thankyou Kim XOXO

Today was a long one – I am trying (like everyone else) to get things ready for the big day.

We made some buns, the children decorated them …..

My kitchen – the longest drawn out decorating project in the history of mankind.

This has been going on since October, we had various things happen in between like a lovely big leak in the pipes under our sink.

S0 we have taken various shots from around the kitchen, all except the sink wall … two reasons we have a gaping big hole where the cupboard should be,I am hoping we will get it put back tomorrow. Secondly we haven’t finished that bit of tiles and it is not so pretty – I will slot those photos in as we get done.

anyway – so far … The kids computer corner, this is where the kids play if I am cooking or what ever.

The breakfast bar.

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