todays things

Oh this is going to be the stupidist blog post ever!

Just had a really stupid day.

The day started early for me – at some point after one am my younest daughter woke. After positioning her on the sofa so I could go make a drink she leant over and barfed down the back of it. YUCK. Then she held her hands to her mouth so she could fan out the next barf. Okay Okay too much detail I just wanted you all to know. I knew there was a reason why we bought furniture with removable covers – today our sofa looks like a checkers board with white cushions and terrecotta cushions.

I think it was somewhere around three am was the next time I was up, then eight. I felt totally punch drunk and I had an queezy tummy too. Mag got up and complained of a sore tummy, he disapeared of to the bathroom to be sick.

My cleaner arrived at ten – the plan was that she would do her two or three hours and then I would head off to a friends house for a late lunch and a chat. Well that didn’t happen, just the thought of driving to Carrickfergus with sick children in the car was enough to put me off. The day wore on I discovered a couple of things amiss in the kitchen – I found the salt grinder hidden behind some jars in the cupboard. hhhmmmm thats odd, then on closer inspection it was empty and wet inside. I questioned the children but it seemed that Mr Nobody was at work (do you have a Mr Nobody in your house?). Later a BFO (blinding flash of the obvious), last night Mag and I ate dinner after all the other children went to bed, we had the salt out and it was working!

Later on last night my glass was sat in the kitchen I still had juice in it so I took a swig – urrggghhh it was salty! Why would my orange juice be salty? So back to the salt grinder – all the little children were in bed, Mag ate with me, come to think of it Mag carried the salt and pepper through to the kitchen (he gets his pocket money if he clears the table each night) .. it wasn’t me who poured out the salt and wet the inside of the grinder, it wasn’t me who salted my orange juice …. hhhmmmm will he admit it? NO.

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