Belfast Wheel And Continental Market

With Roy going away in the morning for a few days (work related) we decided to have a family day out. We had failed to visit the continental market in Belfast a few weeks ago when we were in the city so we decided to have another go. The day was pleasant and there were no crowds to speak of, remembering last year’s visit I am only too glad. We set off around lunch time, well after lunch by the time we got all the children in the car. You think we had 100 kids the length of time it takes us to get out the door. The melee caused by three mini children and one full size child is plenty for anyone, one of those children was the same child that managed to knock over a kitchen roll display in our local shop yesterday. I think we might be barred now – perhaps you might see us on one of those cop shows next month. Oh and my husband just happened to point out to us that we weren’t going to Belfast to go into any shops DOH I thought that was the whole point, stupid!

I have a few photographs of the day, I wont apologise for the quality of the photos – it is me the photo taker who has failed today. I failed to operate my son’s shirt pocket size mini point and shoot camera – it is so simple to use I couldn’t work it DUH.

The children in the car

The wheel from afar

and close (yes I did this shot before, and yes I do like the wheel)

Belfast from the top of the wheel – it was raining and the photos were took from inside the pod obviously so the views are through glass

The Continental market was quite expensive, well it was not the usual stuff you get in Tesco I guess. We bought a pick and mix with 12 sweets in it and that came to £3.65!

Oh yes ….. I almost forgot

Us up high!

Sol is the cutest little girl I know ( I am biased I know but find me a cuter girl?)

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