Visit To Santa

Saturday was a bit different from usual. Started off we were dead lazy and had a lie in. We should be working on some painting but there you go.

The afternoon was spent running the children to chess club, and going to Harveys to get some shelves for Mag’s wardrobes. The shelves – which I eventually got (only through powers of persuasion) for a more respectable price of £28 wen they were marked at £71 – yes £71 for three pieces of covered chipboard!
On the way back I drove through the town which was relatively busy, but I did notice Woolworths wasn’t so bad. I decided to take the kids on an impromptu shopping trip. This attempt at having a look at the Woolworths sale was definitely more fruitful than the last. The other day we went and the people were queued down the whole length of the shop and there were ‘bouncers’ on the door. This time I managed to get a few bargains including some smart new everyday cutlery which we were in desperate need of, glasses, socks, Christmas decorations, glittery things, a couple of watches and some clothes for the children.

We also stopped off to see Santa Claus in the Flagship Centre, Bangor.

He was a nice Santa and spent quite a few minutes with the children.

These are photos of the photos so they are not high quality, I think they came out okay all the same.

In the evening Roy and I managed to sneak off to the cinema. We were owed quite a number of babysitting hours from our neighbours so we took advantage of that and went to see Quantom Of Solace. It was good but I much preferred Casino Royale. Oh and Bangor Multiplex has been done out it is worth a visit, we much enjoyed the very comfortable VIP seats which were leather reclining sofas.

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