Trip round Belfast

We collected Mag from his friend’s house in Carrickfergus this morning. He had a blast -movie which was Ghost Town, a pizza hut feast and sleep over.
We had decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak and head into Belfast to see the Christmas lights and head to the continental market. We didn’t make the market in the end but we still saw plenty.

The tree at the Victoria Square Shopping Centre. This tree was impressive, apparently the tallest in Belfast. I had to stitch the photos together as I couldn’t get it taken in one go.

This is the Belfast Wheel, we didn’t go on it this time as we just ran out of hours in the day, the children were tired and hungry by the time we made our way round. We had gone on it last year and it boasts an impressive view of the city.

Belfast City Hall Christmas tree.

Toni ended up with her hair done! There was stall in the Castle Court shopping centre promoting Babycurls curlers. One of the staff took a shine to Toni, he offered to do her hair, after a few minute of shyness she agreed! The result was beautiful, she sat so good while she was having her hair done and although it took a couple of hours it was well worth the wait. The hair designer (apparantly different to a hair dresser) said her hair was astoundingly good and in the last year and a half had never done such lovely hair. Well of course what made Toni grow to ten feet tall.

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